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Painter Services in Medford, MA

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Different types of rooms to be painted? Mulligan has you covered!

Painting Procedures:

Exterior Painting Procedures

  • Always use lead-safe work practices such as the establishment of proper containment and use of proper disposal techniques (e.g. HEPA Vacuum) when renovation or repair will disturb lead-based paint

  • Do a thorough covering of all plantings, walkways and any other areas that are not suppose to be painted or power washed with the use of drop clothes and tarps, respectively.

  • Thorough scraping, ensuring all loose or flaking paint or stain is rid of from all areas to be painted.

  • Caulk and prime where necessary.

  • All joints receive siliconized caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating behind wood.

  • ​Paint is applied through the use of brush, roller and spray. Brushing is used for all fine work such as fascia and dentrifice. Rollers are used for siding and open areas. Spraying is used for open areas as well, but is followed with brushing and rolling. This is dependent on size of job.

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